Week Three: Nick French


Describe your best friend. How would your best friend describe you?
I have many best friends in my life. My wife, parents, dog, sister, and many more. The most recent would have to be my newborn baby boy Ryker Allen. He is so adorable and perfect in every way. He may only be able to eat, sleep, poop, and cry but, he has the key to my heart already. The delivery went very well relatively speaking. Labor was about 25 hours for mommy and the epidural proved to be a must. Needless to say he is the cutest little baby ever born.
In my opinion an ideal best friend is one that doesn’t pick you up from jail but, is the one sitting next to you. He should be ready to give the shirt off his back for anyone in my life that I care about. One that is willing to “take one for the team” whenever necessary. Though best friends don’t always live up to these expectations they should be like a sibling to me. I feel comfortable telling my best buddies anything, even things they don’t want to hear it. My best buddy from my childhood is a guy named Kyle. He and I did everything together; from sports to crazy shenanigans. He was that guy that I knew wouldn’t just dust me off after a fight, but one who would throw the first punch in my defense. We have gone our separate ways after high school and continue to keep in touch. Our parents are best friends and are half the reason why we remain in contact. I know our friendship will be as solid as ever when I move back home and I can’t wait. Being in the military I have made lifelong friends. Connections with people from all walks of life. None of which can rival the friendship of the best friend I ever had.
I hope that when my life comes to a halt, that I have made an impact on those closest to me. That to someone else I was that solid figure that would be there for them no matter what the situation. That person who would fight everyone in a bar even if I knew my friend was in the wrong. Not just the person getting bailed out of jail, but the one who couldn’t let his buddy do it alone. Life is so short, and isn’t about money, fame, success. Life is about connections, learning, growing, and experiencing. When I reach the pearly gates I don’t want anything left on the table. I lived my life to the fullest and was the best person I could be. This means being that best friend, husband, son, brother.


Nick French lives in Wichita, Kansas, where he works for the United States Air Force. On a typical weekend, he enjoys spending his time outdoors where he can be found fishing, hunting or camping. Nick is also an active member of his Air Force Base softball team. Nick blogs about his experience in becoming a first time dad at She’s Pregnant, I’m Learning.


5 thoughts on “Week Three: Nick French

  1. It just occurred to me that you ended your post with… “This means being that best friend, husband, son, brother…” it sounds as if it hasn’t fully sunk in yet that you are also “father”. Congratulations to both you and to Kayla!

  2. Congratulations! He’s beautiful. Try and get some sleep, your wife too. The first few weeks are the hardest. but those first weeks both of you will remember for a long time.

  3. Congratulations Nick and family! Your son is adorable. I love that you consider him your one of your best friends already. There is nothing like the love that we have for our children, that’s for sure. Thank you for another great post to start off the week.

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