Week Five: Brian B. Baker

Write about the five moments that changed your life.


When I was seventeen I decided I wanted to join the Marines. My mom, grandmother and few other family members tried to talk me out of it.

Before I left for boot camp I ran, lifted weights, did push-ups, and other calisthenics in the hope that I’d be ready when I arrived at Marine Corp Recruit Depot San Diego, or MCRD.

I knew what I was in for and was ready. Getting off the bus, I was anxious but I knew I was ready.

A few days later, during our vision test, I was told I was heading home with an honorable discharge. Being a Marine is what I wanted for two years. I worked to get there, but ultimately I didn’t get the title.

When I was 22 I was preparing to start college and I needed a job. I put an application in at a security guard service. As I was filling out the papers, something just felt off. I still can’t place what it was. I left my paper on the desk and walked out. I drove down the street to the local Blockbuster Video and put an application in.

I met my wife at the Blockbuster, she was my supervisor.

At age 27 my wife and I became pregnant. We were overjoyed. We had been trying for a few years and were excited. At 14 weeks we had a miscarriage. Both of us were devastated. My wife started to worry she may not be able to have kids. I told her that was okay, we’ll just do other stuff.

The year after our miscarriage, we became pregnant with our son, Tarquin. Because of the miscarriage my wife had to do injections on a daily basis because of deficiency her body had. Toward the end she had to do them twice a day. Our son was born three weeks early.

After our son was born my wife didn’t want to have another baby because of the shots and all the other stuff she went through.

Five and half years later we had our daughter, Izabelle. She was six weeks early and weighed three pounds 10 ounces. She was very little, but a born fighter. She spent the first month of life in the NICU (Neonatal Infant Care Unit) at the hospital. It was rough on my wife and me. I had to work and saw Belle less than I would have liked when she was in the NICU.

These are the biggest life changes I’ve had. I know there are others I could add, but these are the ones I kept coming back to while thinking about this prompt.


Brian B. Baker is an unpublished writer of Science Fiction/Fantasy and Horror. He’s been writing short stories since high school, and is certain it’s one of the few things that keeps him sane. Brian blogs at  The Bleeding Inkwell.


3 thoughts on “Week Five: Brian B. Baker

  1. Renee and I currently “doing other things”. It’s encouraging to read your story and know that anything is still possible. She was born to be a mother, and I cannot wait for that dream to become a reality.

    • Doing other things is tough, but we had a plan of what to do if we couldn’t have kids. Our son came along and it changed. It sounds like you’re doing good with other things.

      Spending time with each other is important. Wish I had more time with my wife right now.

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