Week Seven: Nick French


How did you choose the career you are currently in?


First off I would like to apologize to everyone for screwing up my last post. I seemed to have responded to the wrong topic and had it submitted late as well. As the previous post about our vices described it, I procrastinate. Then when you do the wrong topic on top of that it makes for a bad deal. So, I am truly sorry to everyone and I will do everything in my power to not let this happen again.

The career that I am currently in was not a direct choice of mine. When I decided to join the Air Force I had to take an ASVAB test (job placement). After the test I was eligible for nearly any job I could want in the military. On my job list I selected air traffic control, x-ray technition, contracting, and fighter jet crew chief. After waiting three months for a job to open I grew tired of working at a roller skating rink and living at my fiancés parent’s house. So I notified my recruiter that I would be open to any job opening. Sure enough within a week someone who had a reserved job had gotten in trouble with marijuana and their job opened up. It was heavy’s crew chief.

It’s a job that lets you see the world and work on 40 million dollar air planes. So I was like heck yeah sign me up. The planes I work on are very boring and not being a plane enthusiast doesn’t help.  So far I have not seen the world but mostly because my supervision is awesome and kept me stateside for the duration of my wife’s pregnancy. The job is pretty interesting with some downsides but, I have learned a ridiculous amount of knowledge and really enjoy the people I work with.

This is not what I want my entire career to look like though. End result I want to swap to Air National Guard and finish up a degree in business/finance and computer management. I am truly thankful for the path that I have been given and the life that I have. Where my wife and I are right now would not have been possible at this age without the Air Force.


Nick French lives in Wichita, Kansas, where he works for the United States Air Force. On a typical weekend, he enjoys spending his time outdoors where he can be found fishing, hunting or camping. Nick is also an active member of his Air Force Base softball team. Nick blogs about his experience in becoming a first time dad at She’s Pregnant, I’m Learning.


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