Week Eight: Nick French


What was the biggest mistake you think you ever made and how did it change your life?


The biggest mistake I ever made…  When thinking about this topic I realize that I have not really made any life changing mistakes.  Sure there are some decisions in my life that were not the smartest choices I have ever made; however, those choices shaped me into the person I am today.  I do not regret them.  Also, those not so smart decisions that I made were in high school.  Everyone makes at least one bad decision in high school.  Some make more than others and that is okay too.  You as a person just have to choose what to do with the outcomes of those decisions and either learn from the experience.  You either move on and learn from it or get sucked down with the bad decision.  It is all part of growing up and maturing.

I take all the decisions I make in my life good or bad and learn from them.  I think that is the important thing to remember.   Mistakes are not the worst thing in life as long as you learn from them and use them to make better decisions in the future.


Nick French lives in Wichita, Kansas, where he works for the United States Air Force. On a typical weekend, he enjoys spending his time outdoors where he can be found fishing, hunting or camping. Nick is also an active member of his Air Force Base softball team. Nick blogs about his experience in becoming a first time dad at She’s Pregnant, I’m Learning.


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