Week Eight: Brian B. Baker

What was the biggest mistake you think you ever made and how did it change your life?

Mistakes are things we learn from. Sometimes the lesson hits us really hard. Other times, not so much.

If we don’t learn anything from out mistakes we keep repeating them.

 I’ve always had problems with my dad since I’ve been an adult. We’ve always butted heads over things.

One of them was over college. I did a year of college. I say did, but what really happened is, I skipped classes and dodged reports. All because I thought I was smarter than my professors, sometimes I was.

When I was 23 my dad and I had a falling out. I told him, I hope he was happy with his choice. Meaning my step-mother over me, and we didn’t talk for ten years. At first I didn’t mind it.

After my son was born, that changed. I wanted my son to know my biological dad. He knows my step-dad, who I referred to for a long time as my dad. My biological dad I referred to by his given name. My sisters hated it, but they understood. At least I thought they did.

When my nephew graduated from high school, my biological dad was there. We talked for a few minutes. I introduce him to my son, his grandson. Every thing was going good, until I opened a can of worms on my blog. The post isn’t important, what followed is.

My dad basically disowned me for what I said. He sent me a nasty letter and we didn’t talk for a few years.

In the past year my grandmother, his mom passed away. I called him, not for any reason than to say I messed up and I was sorry for his loss. I haven’t talked to him much since that day. I’ve sent Father’s Day cards, and a mother’s day card to my step-mom.

We don’t talk, I guess because we don’t really have anything to say. I know I love my dad, but I wish I wouldn’t have written that post.

In the end I’ve learned not to write personal posts, unless it relates to my writing, the journey of writing or how I started writing. Either way, it’s mostly about writing.

The only exception is the prompts here. They give me a chance to stretch out and write new things.

Writing new things keeps my mind fresh and ready.


Brian B. Baker is an unpublished writer of Science Fiction/Fantasy and Horror. He’s been writing short stories since high school, and is certain it’s one of the few things that keeps him sane. Brian blogs at  The Bleeding Inkwell.


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