Week Thirteen: Peter Combs

How old were you when you has your first kiss?

I was eighteen – nearly nineteen – when I had my first kiss. This sounds very (very, very) lame written out in black and white, but it was a decision that I made and I am proud that I stuck to it.

A lot of people make similar decisions regarding the physical elements of their romantic relationships for religious reasons, and I must admit, this was where I was originally introduced to the idea. But the moment this went from being an idea to a personal goal was during my stay in foster care and the subsequent years that I spent afterwards trying to piece my life back together. I just remember thinking that I had way too much at stake to mess anything up – and from my vantage point it appeared to me that my peers were making the majority of their mistakes when they surrounded themselves with the wrong people. I just didn’t feel that I was at a point in my life where I needed one more thing to make it difficult – much less get tangled up emotionally with someone who could potentially send my life spiraling in yet another direction.

In a sense, this was both a good and a bad thing. It was bad because it was the beginning of me shutting everyone out, which is something that I took to the extreme. On the other hand, by refraining from engaging in any physical aspect of a relationship (yes, even a kiss) I realized I had something very special that I could potentially share with the one person that I could potentially spend the rest of my life with. Also, I kind of thought it romantic to save my first kiss for the girl that could become my future wife.

I know how different this decision is, but it paid off because in the end Renee has been my one and only in every sense of the word – and she always will be.


Peter Combs is a 28 year old husband, writer and former foster child. He currently lives with his wife, Renee, in Atlanta, Georgia. Peter is the author of the blog Home.


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