Week Sixteen: Brian B. Baker

 Write about your favorite childhood memory

Two stories with two parents, best memories with each.

When I was a kid, my mom, sister and I went for a drive. This was awhile ago so details are murky, but this is how I remember everything.

We were only going up the canyon to get some chicken from this place my mom swore had awesome fresh fried chicke.

Our arrival was sooner that we planned. We sat in the car, eating our chicken and my mom asked my sister and I what else we wanted to do, “Whatever you want to do, ” was the response I remember.

So, with that we went on an adventure. We turned on the freeway, after finishing most of our chicken, headed to Flaming Gorge through the Uinta Mountains, in a storm no less, there were clouds, lightning strikes next to our car, honest, scared the hell out of us.

We stopped at Flaming Gorge to look around, got back in the car and kept driving. Somewhere along the way my mom got a little car sick, as did I, I think my sister did but not sure.

We got close to Vernal, Utah. Which is home to an awesome dinosaur dig site, dinasaur footprints and other dinosaur related stuff. I was nine or ten when we did this trip and I believe that is the why I think dinosaurs are so cool.

Before we checked out the dinosaur exhibits we had to look for a place to stay, we found one outside of Vernal, it looked nice, but.

The night we spent in that hotel was, interesting. Each room had its own water heater, ours was out, so we had to take cold showers, which was a new experience for me.

We checked out everything dinosaur we could and it is still one of those trips my mom, sister and I talk about.

I think trips like this are necessary every once in a while. It reminds you that you’re not controlled by anything and you need to have spontaniety.

This was one of my favorite memories, the other is the day my dad got up early with me on our annual Yellowstone trip to see Castle Geyser. This was before my parents divorced, and is still the best memory I have of my dad when I was a kid.

He decided to spend time with me and not my sisters and it was the highlight of any of our Yellowstone trips, at least for me. My dad was always busy doing other stuff, at least that’s how I felt, and that he did this with me made me feel awesome.

Next week I’ll tell you the worst Yellowstone trip.


Brian B. Baker is an unpublished writer of Science Fiction/Fantasy and Horror. He’s been writing short stories since high school, and is certain it’s one of the few things that keeps him sane. Brian blogs at  The Bleeding Inkwell.


One thought on “Week Sixteen: Brian B. Baker

  1. I also have fond memories of spontaneous side trips during summer vacations. The best ones were after my dad moved to Colorado, and we would visit desert attractions and archaeological sites and dig for treasure.

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