Week Eighteen: Brian B. Baker

 If your life had a soundtrack what five songs would be on it and why?

For this post I found videos that will sum up my life in. From my childhood, until now.
When I was a kid I thought Michael Jackson was awesome, I had the red zipper jacket, and could moonwalk. This was before all the accusations of impropriety.
I remember watching this video for the first time, when MTV still devoted its time to videos and not trash.
Michael Jackson: Billie Jean

When I was in high school a video came out that meant a lot to me as a bullied kid. The video was Jeremy, the band was Pearl Jam.

The first time I saw this next band I fell in love with them and have flown to cities to see them. They’re the band I identify most with in my personal life.
Nine Inch Nails: Closer, Director’s Cut. This video may not be safe for work,.

This is from a band that has made me want to realize my true writing potential. They’re an older band, but their lead singer was rock god. Whenever I need inspiration I always turn on The Doors.
Rider’s on the Storm.

This is a band that like Nine Inch Nails has been a mainstay for my listening and my life. I recently saw them in Las Vegas and am going to see Maynard’s, (he’s the lead singer) other band A Perfect Circle in December. I like things that are louder, so do my kids. This is one of my favorites, Sober.


Brian B. Baker is an unpublished writer of Science Fiction/Fantasy and Horror. He’s been writing short stories since high school, and is certain it’s one of the few things that keeps him sane. Brian blogs at  The Bleeding Inkwell.


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