Week Twenty-two: Brian B. Baker

Writing (Photo credit: jjpacres)

This week’s prompt was suggested by Friday’s Voice Amanda Kasper:

Why do you write?

When Amanda came up with this idea I loved it. Why I write is so important and it defines who I am. There are many reasons I write, mostly because I’ve been to dark places in my life and I still try to fight off the darkest days with the best words I can.

When I was in middle school a teacher told me I could write well based on one story. This has stuck with me throughout my life. I’ve written poetry, and song lyrics, but it’s the stories I’ve written that have changed me the most.

I’ve written things about people on far off planets and kids that have been bullied. I’ve written scary stories about vampires and demons, and found myself staring down a few dark figures personally.

Writing is my solace. The one place I can come when I’m depressed, sad or even happy. Writing has saved me from thoughts of suicide many times. When I find myself thinking of suicide, it’s the act of either putting words on the computer screen or a pen to paper that brings me out of it, always.

These little words or bugs, make me love waking up in the morning.

I’ve had my share of days where I don’t want to write, but those days are few and far between lately.  I’ve come to like the days where my mind is racing with new stories. The things I come up with amaze me.

I’ve written many stories that only my eyes will see, and I’ve written stories that I know will be published, like the one I’m writing now.

Each little bug on the page makes me whole, makes me dream, and makes me long for the days I can do it for a living and be able to spend more time with my kids. I’ve met people just like me in the process of writing. People who want to write every day, people who wake up and the first thing out of their mouth is, “Get me some paper, I had the most awesome dream.”

Those are my people, those are the people I relate to the most.

I’ve seen far off lands in my writing, met aliens and demons. Seen things that make no sense to anyone else and may get me thrown in a padded room.

My blog is something more, it’s become that way over time. It’s become something that I do for myself, but also to help people who are lost either in their writing or in their lives.

It involves things that have revolved around me for a long time, writing, spirituality and philosophy. I’ve written about dark things and ways to find the light, but it’s always my darker posts that get the most traffic, oddly.

That’s why it’s The Bleeding Inkwell.

Pain drawn in ink!


Brian B. Baker is an unpublished writer of Science Fiction/Fantasy and Horror. He’s been writing short stories since high school, and is certain it’s one of the few things that keeps him sane. Brian blogs at  The Bleeding Inkwell.


3 thoughts on “Week Twenty-two: Brian B. Baker

  1. “Those are my people, the people I relate to the most.”

    Yes, me too! It is so incredible to connect with others who get me and why I love to write.

    Great post Brian! Thank you for sharing why you write.

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