Week Thirty-seven: Bridget Scoville


What was the first thing you bought with your own money?

I started working at the age of 12. I went to babysitting school to learn CPR and the ins and outs of being a good babysitter. Yes, they have babysitting school! After that my parents helped me make fliers to put in all the mailboxes in my neighborhood. In a few months, I had my entire summer filled. It was my first foray into business, marketing, hard work, and success. Over the next 3 years, I was lucky enough to have 4 wonderful families who relied on me to watch their children. Nine children in all aged 10 months to 8 years.

I opened a bank account a few months later. I was making pretty good money for a 12 year old. I decided to spend my money purchasing nothing. I saved almost all of my money. When I turned 16, I got my driver’s license, and the family van to drive to and from my new job at the farm store.

After a few months of driving what had been dubbed “The Ghetto Cruiser,” I decided my first major purchase should be a vehicle. Luckily, my grandparents were selling their Chevrolet Malibu! I bought it from my grandparents and had lots of great times in that car. From ‘racing’ down the back country roads to driving out into the state park at night to star gaze away from light pollution.

My Chevy’s name was Mr. Crunchy. Yes, as the name suggests because it was crunched. The driveway at my parents’ house was a little crazy to maneuver. I backed into a basketball hoop making the front passenger side all crunched in. Yes, ridiculous and embarrassing, I know. I didn’t get it fixed for over a year and thus my car’s name became Mr. Crunchy.

My current car, Chiquita, later replaced Mr. Crunchy. Chiquita is spicy, fun, and bright colored. I like to think she represents me well. As my running partners would say, “Chiquita is like a beacon. We always know where in the lot to park!”


Bridget Scoville is a pharmacist with a scholarly interest in the kidneys. She is completing a post-graduate research fellowship at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor. When she’s not working on research, Bridget can be found running, swapping stories over coffee, laughing with friends during dinner, or youth mentoring through Big Brothers Big Sisters.


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