Week Forty: Peter Combs


At your deepest level, what do you most want to know in your lifetime?

I want to know that I lived my life with purpose. Sure, there are many things that I would still like to learn, and a million places I’d love to visit; but I don’t think my desire to experience life is greater than my desire to improve life.

One way in which I would like to improve my life is through education. Because of our secretive lifestyle, my parents withheld me from going to school under the guise that my siblings and I were home schooled. This has been troublesome for me as an adult in the workforce. Not only because I missed out on learning commonly-known information, but because no matter how hard I work, without credentials, I can only go so far. One of my biggest goals is to be able to support my family solely on my income so Renee can stay at home full time. Knowing that our children were at home with Renee, as opposed to in a daycare or preschool, would also give me the peace of mind that we were raising our kids in the way that we always dreamed.

In order to earn enough money to accomplish this goal I need to further my education by getting myself to a point where I am college-ready, and then by finally going to college and to earn a degree.

Obtaining an education would provide me with the credentials I need to earn a living in which I can properly provide for my family. It would also be a huge accomplishment in my mind because it would represent how far I had to come in order to get to that point, and I wouldn’t feel as if I was so far behind everyone else. I also don’t want to pass down any self-doubt to my children. Instead, I want to leave a legacy of dreaming big, perseverance through difficult circumstances, love without condition, and determination.

In the end, I want to make a difference. I want to leave this place a little better than I found it; to know that I’ve accomplished this with my life would mean the world to me.


Peter Combs is a 28 year old husband, writer and former foster child. He currently lives with his wife, Renee, in Atlanta, Georgia. Peter is the author of the blog Home.


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