Week Forty-three: Bridget Scoville


What did you do growing up that got you into trouble?

Playing in the cornfield was strictly off limits, but I got in trouble for playing in the cornfield all the time! Where we lived growing up, we had a huge cornfield behind our house and another a little down the road. We always tried to sneak into the cornfield with the neighbor kids to play hide and go seek, house, and act as though we were a character from the book series The Boxcar Children. (Anyone else remember that series?) My parent’s even started telling us kids that we were the “Children of the Corn,” although we were a lot less scary looking than the movie’s characters.

I remember one time in particular in which us older kids were hanging out in the cornfield playing truth or dare. In 3rd grade, I got dared to kiss the neighborhood boy on the cheek. Scandalous, I know! Of course, my sister saw it and immediately went to tattle on me. To this day, my family will never forget let me forget my sister’s infamous words: “Mom! Dad! Bridget’s in the cornfield, and she kissed a boy!”


Bridget Scoville is a pharmacist with a scholarly interest in the kidneys. She is completing a post-graduate research fellowship at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor. When she’s not working on research, Bridget can be found running, swapping stories over coffee, laughing with friends during dinner, or youth mentoring through Big Brothers Big Sisters.


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