Week Forty-six: Bridget Scoville


Write about an insecurity you have or once had

Insecurities everybody has them, and nobody wants them. It was difficult to write the post this week. In the end I decided to write about body image. Although I am comfortable in my skin now, I, like many men and women, have struggled with my body image. Body image is the mental picture that you have of yourself. It’s what you think you look like and how you feel about your body.

When I was younger I was much tinier, and thinking back certainly makes me think “Ugh, I wish I was still that size.” Although I follow the number on my scale almost daily, I don’t obsess over it. That number doesn’t represent me and the amount of work that I put in. I ran 12 miles this weekend. It doesn’t take into account that I am stronger physically and emotionally.

Despite not being my ideal weight, I have come to peace with the way I look. But more importantly, I know that I am much healthier now. Don’t get me wrong my eating habits are nowhere near perfect, but I am much more conscientious of my diet. I choose clothes that flatter the way I look now. I continue to work on eating better every day. I run 5 days a week. I limit my caffeine and alcohol intake. People don’t love me less because I weigh more now than I did 10 years ago. People love me because I am me. That is all that really matters – finding those who love you for who you are.


Bridget Scoville is a pharmacist with a scholarly interest in the kidneys. She is completing a post-graduate research fellowship at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor. When she’s not working on research, Bridget can be found running, swapping stories over coffee, laughing with friends during dinner, or youth mentoring through Big Brothers Big Sisters.


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