Week Forty-seven: Bridget Scoville


Write about your favorite house

I have not lived in very many houses over the years, but I have lived in many, many apartments. I recently counted how many times I have moved. The number was greater than 20. Of all the places I have lived thus far one particularly stands out.

My absolute favorite place to live was a loft in Florida. It was a studio located in a renovated warehouse building. It had a modern decor with glossed cement floors, a great kitchen, and tons of light. It had windows that were ~8 feet tall and let in so much light that I never had to turn a light on until the sun went down. I was also on the 13th floor and had an amazing view of the park across the street and the edge of the city.

The thing I loved the most about living there were the tall windows. When I first moved in, it was summertime. Summer in Florida is unlike anywhere else. You can look at your watch and know exactly what time it’s going to storm every single day. The lightening was spectacular, and I enjoyed it every day. I planted myself next to the windows to watch the light show that lasted for 20-30 minutes. Even more amazing is that when it was over, the sun would come back out and keep on shining.


Bridget Scoville is a pharmacist with a scholarly interest in the kidneys. She is completing a post-graduate research fellowship at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor. When she’s not working on research, Bridget can be found running, swapping stories over coffee, laughing with friends during dinner, or youth mentoring through Big Brothers Big Sisters.


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