About the Authors


Monday’s Author: Bridget Scoville

Bridget is a pharmacist with a scholarly interest in the kidneys. She is completing a post-graduate research fellowship at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor. When she’s not working on research, Bridget can be found running, swapping stories over coffee, laughing with friends during dinner, or youth mentoring through Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Bridget got her first taste of blogging last summer through the3six5. Bridget is particularly looking forward to sharing perspectives and interacting with the other Today Voice contributors.

Tuesday’s Author: Brian B. Baker

Brian B Baker is an unpublished writer of Science Fiction/Fantasy and Horror.

He’s been writing short stories since high school, and is certain it’s one of the few things that keeps him sane.

He writes the blog The Bleeding Ink Well at www.thebleedinginkwell.com and he’s a weekly contributor to The Today Voice at https://thetodayvoice.wordpress.com

He currently lives in Las Vegas with his family until something better comes along. What are you Bleeding for?

Wednesday’s Author: Peter Combs

Peter Combs is a 28 year old husband, writer and former foster child. He currently lives with his wife, Renee, in Atlanta, Georgia.

In addition to being a contributing writer and editor for The Today Voice, he is a 2012 editor for the3six5, and is the author of the blog Home. At times, he can be found tweeting at @petercombs.

Thursday’s Author: Kathy Benson

Kathy is mom, writer and group fitness instructor with three children (two here and one in Heaven) finding joy in the journey after dealing with secondary infertility and loss for five years. She has been married to her college sweetheart since 2000 and they live in Chicago, Illinois with their nine year old son and three year old daughter.

Kathy has been blogging at Bereaved and Blessed (formerly Four of a Kind) since 2007. Her blog is on Redbook Magazine’s Blogroll: The Best Infertility Blogs, allParenting’s Best Infertility Blogs and Circle of Mom’s Top 25 Moms with Inspiring Families. She is contributing editor for Exhale Literary Magazine, writes weekly for The Today Voice and was a speaker at BlogHer `12 in New York City.

Kathy is a wounded healer who is passionate about helping others learning to cope and find joy when life doesn’t go as we hope, dream and plan (whether due to due to infertility, loss, illness and/or other circumstances). She is an American Council on Exercise (A.C.E.) certified Group Fitness Instructor and teaches classes part time. Kathy loves to exercise, run, and practice yoga, all of which have been very therapeutic for her over the years.

Kathy tweets at @BereavedBlessed and can also be found on her Facebook page for Bereaved and Blessed.

Friday’s Author: Amanda Kasper

Amanda Kasper, Chicago IL, is a 26 year old graduate student at Northwestern University, pursuing her Masters Degree in Public Health. Amanda is a writer, reader, quote lover, CASA advocate, and non-profit believer, seeking space as a lifelong learner, passionate lover, and irreplaceable friend.

Recently, Amanda has temporarily put aside her yoga-practicing, tea-drinking, creatively inspired personality traits in order to focus on some significant health challenges in her life. She is excited to be part of The Today Voice as it will give her an opportunity to do best what she loves – share stories, write, and connect with others.

Amanda tweets at @AKasper513 and blogs over at “& this I believe”


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