Become a Contributor

Official Guidelines

1) Each year, five contributors will be selected to write one post per week for 52 consecutive weeks. Ideally, the chosen contributor will be responsible for the same day each week. In other words, if your designated day is Monday, your post will be published 52 Mondays in a row.

2) Contributors will write each week’s post from a list of 52 prompts. To view the full list of prompts click here.

3) Each post should be approximately 500 words in length. This is more of a standard than a hard rule.

4) Each post should include a visual; it needs to be something YOU created (e.g. a photo or drawing); don’t just grab any picture you find on Flickr or Google Images.

5) Content should be kept clean. This can be defined as many things, but as a rule of thumb, if the average person would take great offense to what you write, I reserve the right to not publish.

6) All posts will be published at noon Monday-Friday. Contributors must submit their week’s post no later than 24 hours before their post goes live.

7) Where are you at in life? Where have you been? And most importantly, where are you headed? If your life was a television show, would it be drama or a comedy? Describe your cast of characters and how they inspire you; love you; hate you; drive you completely insane. Simply put – tell me your story. To be considered as a contributing writer for The Today Voice, tell me about yourself by sending an email to

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: By submitting your work through this program, you are granting The Today Voice the rights to edit, publish, and promote your work. Promotion of your work may include granting permission to other websites to reprint your work in part or in full. Publishing rights revert to the writer upon publication, provided the writer acknowledges any future reprints with a link to the original post at The Today Voice. Contributors understand they will not receive monetary compensation.


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