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Week Fifty-two: Brian B. Baker

Describe your experience as a Today Voice contributor For the last year I’ve been part of something wonderful. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first or what I’d learn about myself or others, but I was eager. For the last year I’ve learned more about myself than I had the previous 37 years. I … Continue reading

Week Fifty-one: Brian B. Baker

Write about anything When you think about where your life has led you, are you disappointed, stressed, joyful, distraught? I thought about this last week when my wife and kids were away. I missed them terribly, but having them away gave me perspective on where my life has led me. In 1994 I graduated from … Continue reading

Week Fifty: Brian B. Baker

What are Your Top Five Favorite Today Voice Prompts/Posts from the past year? I’m really bad at picking between my favorite posts, so I had my wife pick hers. Week Forty-Five. I do a lot of short stories and I had quite a bit of fun writing this one.  I felt a bit of a … Continue reading

Week Forty-seven: Brian B. Baker

Write about your favorite house Depending what time of day you walked in the smells would be different. It could be coffee, fresh cake or cookies. Sometimes the smell of tomatoes and burger frying would attack your nostrils, but it was always these smells that made my grandparents house the way it was. When I … Continue reading

Week Forty-six: Brian B. Baker

Write about an insecurity you have or once had In my life there’s only one thing I’ve been truly insecure about, the way I look. Growing up with a dad who is into fitness and bodybuilding didn’t help that. I remember my dad calling me a wimp, telling me I just need to eat more, … Continue reading

Week Forty-five: Brian B. Baker

Write about anything. Circles come down and I hear the engines roar. They pass over one by one as each of them descend through the cloud, their exhaust leaving a trail of white and grey smoke. Sitting in the bleachers I stare up at the Gremlins, their green, blue and black chassis barely enough for … Continue reading

Week Forty-four: Brian B. Baker

What is the one thing that would be a relationship breaker for you? Living in Las Vegas there are many temptations and there is only one relationship breaker for me, cheating. Working as a bartender in Las Vegas there have many times I’ve been tempted, but never once have I considered cheating. I know co-workers … Continue reading

Week Forty-three: Brian B. Baker

What did you do growing up that got you into trouble? I remember things differently when I was growing up. These things are different, well because they’re skewed  to my viewpoint, like a FPS (First Person Shooter). I remember disliking school and getting bad grades because I found school boring, other than English and history, … Continue reading

Week Forty-two: Brian B. Baker

Have you ever had something happen to you that you thought was bad but it turned out to be for the best? When I was 23 I had a fight with my dad and he kicked me out of the house he lived in with my step-mom and her two kids. There were many reasons … Continue reading

Week Forty-one: Brian B. Baker

List the five people you’d like to meet and why When I saw this prompt my brain started going crazy with excitement. There are people I would like to meet, but they’re not your usual type of people, they’re literary characters. Let’s start with my favorite literary character. Lestat de Lioncourt from Anne Rice’s books: … Continue reading