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Week Eight: Nick French

     What was the biggest mistake you think you ever made and how did it change your life?   The biggest mistake I ever made…  When thinking about this topic I realize that I have not really made any life changing mistakes.  Sure there are some decisions in my life that were not the smartest … Continue reading

Week Seven: Nick French

     How did you choose the career you are currently in?   First off I would like to apologize to everyone for screwing up my last post. I seemed to have responded to the wrong topic and had it submitted late as well. As the previous post about our vices described it, I procrastinate. Then … Continue reading

Week Five: Nick French

     Write about the five moments that changed your life   My life has changed so much in the last couple years that I could probably fill a book. I must say that all of the changes have been for the better; I am so blessed to be where I am today. The road behind … Continue reading

Week Four: Nick French

     Do you have a vice? Write about it here. Of course I have a vice! I am human last time I checked. Everyone has a downfall, or a fault. Some, I am sure have more than others. It’s the beauty of being who we are. We are all imperfect in our own way and … Continue reading

Week Three: Nick French

     Describe your best friend. How would your best friend describe you?   I have many best friends in my life. My wife, parents, dog, sister, and many more. The most recent would have to be my newborn baby boy Ryker Allen. He is so adorable and perfect in every way. He may only be … Continue reading

Week Two: Nick French

Describe a a typical day in your life. What do you dread the most? What do you look forward to? For the last nine months, I can’t say there has been a “typical” day in my life. Although my wife has been phenomenal during her pregnancy, every day seems to hold something new. Every day … Continue reading

Week One: Nick French

If your life were a television show what kind of show would it be? Who are the characters? If I were lucky enough to have a television show based on my life thus far, I can guarantee that it would be interesting. Let us take a dip into my pool of life and see what … Continue reading