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Week Fifteen: Amanda Kasper

  Write about anything Look with new eyes. For two and a half years, I worked with an organization who bettered people. They did all sorts of things and this was in no way their elevator speech or their quantifiable success – but in my eyes, that’s the most important, most widespread thing they accomplished. … Continue reading

Week Fifteen: Kathy Benson

Write about anything About a year ago I had one of those “a-ha moments.” I was reflecting on what, if any, good has come from our journey through secondary infertility and loss. I have shared on my blog in the past that I believe that our first pregnancy loss (an early miscarriage that we experienced … Continue reading

Week Fifteen: Brian B. Baker

 Write about anything Why I Started Blogging When I was 24, a friend of mine said to me, “Brian, you read a lot, why don’t you write a book? We’ve talked about it, you should do it.” He moved a few months after that discussion and we’ve lost contact. A year or so after I … Continue reading