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Week Fifty-one: Amanda Kasper

Write about anything. may you feel celebrated today, may you know that you are loved. write love on her arms.. When you’re in the hospital for days on end, you try to find kindness and inspiration and love wherever you can. Whether it’s in the words of the patient care technicians in the middle of the night, … Continue reading

Week Fifty-one: Kathy Benson

  Write about anything It’s been almost 4 years since Senator Ted Kennedy died and I wrote this post/shared it on my blog in August 2009. At the time I was pregnant with our third child, our daughter Abigail, who was born the following month and still in the thick of my grief over the … Continue reading

Week Fifty-one: Brian B. Baker

Write about anything When you think about where your life has led you, are you disappointed, stressed, joyful, distraught? I thought about this last week when my wife and kids were away. I missed them terribly, but having them away gave me perspective on where my life has led me. In 1994 I graduated from … Continue reading