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Week Twelve: Amanda Kasper

What is the first memory you have? It pains me to say that I have no idea the answer to this question. I remembered the grape juice incident of 1991 – but maybe because it’s been talked about so much. I remember swimming in the pool of our townhouse when I was three years old, … Continue reading

Week Twelve: Kathy Benson

What is the first memory you have?  One of my earliest memories is from when my family lived in our first house, a cape cod style home on the south side of Evanston, Illinois, where I was born and raised. I would have been between three and four years old, as we moved to the … Continue reading

Week Twelve: Peter Combs

What is the first memory you have? When I was four years old, my family lived in Florida. While we only lived there for a very short period of time, I still remember everything about that house… the way it looked… the way it smelled…. the way it made you feel to be there. Every … Continue reading

Week Twelve: Brian B. Baker

What is the first memory you have?  There are many memories that could be my earliest. From one of the first times I played ice hockey to the big wheel incident, which I talked about in Week Nine. The one memory that stands out the most is a trip I took to Salt Lake. My mom … Continue reading